NL Central Preview 2009

  1. Chicago Cubs – I think the Cubs are far and away the best club in this division. Their improved lineup and consistently good pitching staff (led the majors in strikeouts for the last 8 years) make this a no-brainer. Now, when it comes to the playoffs, my confidence vanishes. Lou and the boys will need to show me that they can win a playoff game before I crown them the kings of baseball. But they have the talent. And they better win it all this year, because the studs on this team are getting a little long in the tooth.
  2. Milwaukee Brewers – A pretty fashionable pick here. A good team. Good offense, but they really need to sort out their pitching staff. With young hitters like Braun and Fielder, it’d be a shame to waste that on a team with no pitching. Yovanni Gallardo is one bright spot for Brewers pitching.
  3. Cincinnati Reds – I think this team has a chance to challenge for 2nd place, but I just couldn’t make myself pick a Dusty Baker coached team. If Dusty doesn’t ruin the arms of Edison Volquez and Johnny Cueto, the Reds have a solid pitching staff for a long time buy scooby doo jumping combo. Add in a recovered Aaron Harang and Bronson Arroyo and you’ve got something there. On the offensive side, the emergence of Jay Bruce will continue. The Reds are becoming a solid ballclub. A year away.
  4. Houston Astros – The Astros seem to only be able to put together halves of years. I’m sure this year will be no different. They have a lot of holes. Definitely have some talent on this club with Berkman and Oswalt but not enough of a supporting cast. I think Hunter Pence will continue his progress, and become a potential All Star.
  5. St. Louis Cardinals – The Cardinals are kind of mess. Another case of great talent wasted. Albert Pujols is the best hitter in baseball, but the Cards can’t seem to put a team around him. The addition of Khalil Greene and the return of Chris Carpenter will help, but just don’t have the horses.
  6. Pittsburgh Pirates – Perrenial basement dwellers. The Pirates are a small market team that just can’t compete. It’s actually a little sad.

2 thoughts on “NL Central Preview 2009

  1. MIke D

    I think the Cards will surprise you, like they do every year. It seems like they have no talent, but they put it together. 2006 was a prime example of this.

    It seems that the Cubs fans will never learn…

  2. Kendall Post author

    They didn’t have any talent in 2006. They pulled the World Series out of their ass. I would be surprised if they have a winning record this year.

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